Wednesday, December 14, 2005

GallerGrabber 1.1

This blog will be the official source of information about GalleryGrabber from now on. With that said here is the newest version of GalleryGrabber.


Takes thumbnails from a site and converts them to the fullsize images, then saves those images to your harddisk.
Currently Supported Image Hosts:
  • Imageshack
  • Imagevenue
  • Photobucket
To use GalleryGrabber simply enter the address of the gallery in the text box and hit "Go". The list box will fill up with all of the available images. Select which images you would like to download and then hit "Download Selected Images". A box will prompt you where you want to save your images at.

Download GalleryGrabber1.1 here: Download

You will also need the .NET framework 2.0: Download


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