Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Using Launcy With GalleryGrabber1.3

Launchy is a Firefox extension available here that allows you to run programs from Firefox's right click menu. You can add the functionality of GalleryGrabber1.3 to Launchy by creating a custom xml file. Launchy has a page for creating one here. Then just enter the following information in the automated creator.
  • Enter the name of the application as GalleryGrabber1.3
  • Enter the path of the application as the place where you saved the GalleryGrabber1.3.exe file.
  • Leave the type of application as browsers.
  • Leave the arguments of the application line options blank.
  • Create the launchy.xml file and copy the text that it gives you into a text file and save it as launchy.xml.
  • Copy that text file and place it in the Chrome directory of you Firefox profile.
  • The profile location can be found by going to Tools>Extensions>Launcy>Options>Launchy.xml in Firefox.
Now when you right click on the page that has the gallery that you want to download select the Launchy portion of the menu and then select GalleryGrabber1.3. GalleryGrabber will fill in the URL of the page automatically. Just hit go and begin downloading the gallery.


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